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About Us


the Vision

When we sat down to create the Desinor Experience, we wanted something unique, We wanted to create something that our guests would never forget. It had to be refreshing, enjoyable, and stressless.

After doing quite a bit of surveys, questionnaires, and evaluations we finally came up with a product that we were proud of and believe in all sincerity that our guests will love.

Join us and make yourself at home in our lovely country, Nassau, Bahamas. We are sure when you leave here you will see us as new permanent additions in your lives, see you soon!


Meet the 



Witney Desinor


Shenell Desinor

Crystal Salt
Our Story

Our Story

Boy, do we have a story for you! My name is Witney, not Whitney like Houston, without the H!  I am a proud, loving, and passionate Husband, Father, and Company Owner of The Desinor Experience. Driving and entertaining are what I live for. I am soft-spoken, and my Wife Shanelle is the bubbly one. Both of Us initially met as Taxi Drivers on the line. What is the line you ask, it is where all of us as Taxi Drivers and Tour Operators join daily to pick up our passengers.

Now we are aware of the struggle that our riders have to deal with, unstable rates, uncomfortable transportation, and drive-through tours. The Desinor experience is the answer to all of those unwanted services. We believe in creating lasting relationships, comfortable transportation, and quiet rides where you can relax and learn about our beautiful country. We believe in giving you the value and attention you deserve. We have no interest in being your basic drivers, we want to create lasting friendships that you can look forward to for years to come.

Enjoy our well thought-out excursions that were created with love, proper planning, and consideration for you, our guests, and soon-to-be friends. Not only are the experiences well planned by the add-ons make it perfect. We left no stone unturned. A first impression is a lasting impression, and we plan on making it very memorable. See you soon!

Yours truly,

Witney & Shenell


"We heard change is a good thing especially when it is for the better. So come along with us, we guarantee you will love it!"

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